The Mission

We are proud of America and what we create here!

Our philosophy is simple - design luxury products in America with substance and sustainability, all the while creating a low carbon footprint. We encourage our customers to pass down our products from generation to generation.

No fast fashion for us, only heirloom quality.

Farm2Fashion aspires to bring you lovingly crafted designs which reflect our passion for locally made and sourced textile goods.

For the longest time, wearing apparel and textile goods in America (like blankets, sweaters and scarves) were made at home for families and friends. We want to bring some of that origin story back to life.

We are working side by side with local and regional farmers and manufacturers to bring to you American-made products, which you’ll be happy to have for years to come. Inspired by the “Made in America” movement, we've infused our distinctive designs to a beautiful luxury product.